Air Dry Clay Gift Tags

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 air dry clay gift tags tutorial
Today we have a little snippet from Merry Makings magazine and a fabulous DIY project from Ayda of Cafenohut! Aren’t they wonderful?

 Supplies needed for clay gift tags tutorial

You will need:

•Air Dry Clay
•Rolling Pin
•Gold Pen or Paint
•Cookie Cutters
•Gold Thread or Twine
•Awl or Sharp Object to make small holes
•Little beads for added decorative interest
 Roll out your clay for gift tags

Cut off a lump of clay from your packet and knead until it can be easily rolled out. Be sure not to knead too much as the clay can become quite sticky and will more than likely stick to your surface.
Use any choice of cookie cutter to cut your shape and carefully remove. Poke a little hole and set aside to dry. It’s quite common with air dry clay for the edges to be a little rough, you can smooth those with sand paper after it dries.

 Doodle clay gift tags for christmas
Allow your tags to dry fully before you attempt to paint or you will destroy the nibs of your pen or your paint brush. Trust me! Once dry, decorate and doodle. Once paint or ink has dried you can use your gold thread to string up and add your little decorative bead.
black and gold christmas gift wrap ideas
 Black and gold gift wrap and clay tags tutorial
 clay gift tags
 Black and gold gift wrap tutorial
This is a little collage I created for you to pin as I know people a love a collage on pinterest ^_^
 painted air dry clay gift tags tutorial
If any of you make any of the crafts in the magazine don’t forget to add them to the heart handmade uk flickr group
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